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 The company, “Israflight”, was established in 2005 by the pilot and flying instructor Givony Oren, who has 17 years of experience as pilot, possess many licenses and definitions and has thousands of hours flght experience in varied aircraft.
The company deals in providing fun and instructional flights.
Fun Flights:   flight fulfilling different objectives: romantic flights during sunset, flights just for fun or as a gift, photography flights and for the experience of flying an aircraft.
Instructional Flights: aimed toward receiving different flying licenses: license, commercial license, instrument definition, and flying instructor licenses.
The company can fly to nearly every point in Israel, all this of course according to the customer’s needs and interests (with scheduling ahead of time). We have flying packages to tourist and/or religious sites in the north, south and east areas of Israel.
We invite you to join our many customers who have flown with us in the past and continue to fly at present for memorable moments in the fun flights or the different instructional flights which our company offers.
The company is located in Sde-Dov, Tel-Aviv 03-9400007, 054-7747534
The flights depart, upon prior scheduling, every day, every hour, including Saturdays and Holydays.
Please visit our web site for details regarding the variety of flights, experiences, photos, recommendations and our customer’s sharing the stories of their  experience with us.
Best Wishes
Category of flights 
 Romantic Flights
Want to surprise your spouse with a romantic and pampering flight over the lights of Tel-Aviv? Or at any other time it strikes your fancy! Then this is the flight for you. A romantic flight just for the two of you, over Tel-Aviv and its neighboring towns in a private aircraft.
Birthday flights / pleasure flights / surprise flights
Looking for an original and special gift for someone, surprise the kids, or mark an important event? Surprise them with a flight over Israel! This is the flight for your loved ones or even just for yourself.Before the flight you will receive detailed information regarding the operation of the airplane and the flight route from your pilot. The person celebrating will sit next to the pilot to experience the flight and all its aspects, providing memorable memories that will follow them for a long time. 
Pilot for a day (instructional flight)
Have you been dreamt all your life of being a pilot, if only for a day? Take a genuine  lesson in a Cessna 172, an experience that will leave a taste for flying in the future, a gift for very dear people that will leave memories and experiences, making a dream come true for everyone. The flight will begin with a briefing where the “pilot” will receive a short theoretical background on operating the plane and flying, take-off runways, flight route, communication with the control tower and an explanation about the cockpit. Then the instructor and the “pilot” will enter the airplane and begin the flight that will be conducted mostly by the “pilot for a day” with instructions and supervision of their personal instructor. During the flight the “pilot” will experience all the differing flight stages. From the moment of take-off he will perform flight maneuvers, etc. and at the end of the flight he will receive a “One Day Pilot’s Diploma”. 
Marriage Proposal in the air
Have you ever thought of proposing in a romantic, unusual way? This is the offer! A private romantic flight, with your proposal, between heaven and earth. This proposal includes a pampering romantic package (fruit basket with chocolates, balloons, wine/Champaign bottle) and all you have to do is take the ring out of your pocket, pour the Champaign, and celebrate (it is possible to add a regular or lighted sign on the ground to add to the excitement).
 Additional details:
·          The flights leave from S’de-Dove airport in Tel-Aviv
·          The flights can be scheduled any day, any hour including Saturdays and Holydays(with additional cost).
·          You can order a coupon to give as a gift, and the receiver will be able to book the flight at a time convenient for them.
·          Israeli ID or a Passport is required.
·          It is advisable to book the flight in advance.
·          All flights include: full video, Champaign/soft drinks/wine, balloons.
·          It is possible to make the following additions to the flight package: transportation, restaurants, SPA, trips, additional attractions (RV, sailing, horse riding, museums, trips, etc.) with prior notice and extra fees.
·          The duration of the flight and the additional extras determine the flight/package costs, and any type of flight can be scheduled for each of the destinations.
Flight Destinations
A flight around Tel-Aviv and Sharon area
       A 30 minute flight, departing from S’de Dov in Tel-Aviv, flying north along the Herziliya coast line, Shfaeem, Nethanya, Olga and returning over Route 4,  Herziliya, Tel-Avivcoast, Old Jaffa, Bat-Yam coast, Rishon-Le-Zion coast, east to Nes-Tziona, and back.

Highly recommended, the flight is mainly over recognized and
interesting areas for the passengers

Flight to Haifa
       Approximately a 2 hour flight, departing from S’de Dov in Tel-Aviv, flying over the Herziliya coast line, Shfaeem, Nethanya, Olga, Rabin Lights, Caesarea, Zichron Ya’akov, Atlit and Haifa – an impressive flight over the natural beauty of the northern coast line and the Carmel mountains, the Bahai Gardens, Haifa Port, in addition it is possible to fly over the Port of Acre (additional cost).
      Approximate total, 5 hours, including meal.
Flight to Rosh Pina
       Approximately a 2 hour flight, departing from S’de Dov in Tel-Aviv encompassing a flight along the coast line to Hadera, from there turning east towards Megiddo, the Israel Valley, Tabor mountain, the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee, Ha’hula Valley and landing in Rosh Pina. There, a car will pick you up for a trip around Rosh Pina (Rosh Pina Recreation Park) and from there to a restaurant.
       Approximately 6 hours.
Flight to Massada
       Approximately a 3 hour flight south to the Dead-Sea and landing near Massada at the Dead-Sea coast at the lowest airport in the world. On our return, we will do several turns over Massada, the Dead-Sea, the magnificent Negev Mountains and its dry river beds, we fly over Jerusalem and from there to Tel-Aviv. It is possible to combine a visit to Massada, visit a Hotel SPA near the Dead-Sea (SPA, meal, relaxation) and a Bedouin reception.
      The approximate flight time for each direction is 1.5 hours.
 Flight to Ashkelon                                     
      Ahour flight, departing from Tel-Aviv, heading south along the coast line over NesTziona, Yavne, Gderot settlements, Ashdod sea port, Nitzaneem Beach, Tel Ashkelon – a tour over the city and back.
Flight to ancient Caesarea
       From S’de Dov in Tel-Aviv you fly toward north over the Nethanya coast line, Olga, Rabin Lights Electric Power Station and Caesarea. You will be able to see the famous attractions  the Roman Amphitheatre, The Hippodrome, The Water cistern, and of course the old and new town. We make several passes above the town.
Flight to Jerusalem
       About a 2 hour flight, departing from S’de Dov airport in Tel-Aviv heading east toward Jerusalem. We fly over all the sacred and famous places in town, the Knesset, The Old City, Bethlehem and the El-Akza Mosque. We can look around and see the Dead-Sea and the Jordan Mountains – a very impressive flight. It is mandatory to book this flight about 48 hours prior to departure.


Special Flight
       It is possible to book a flight for any destination in Israel, according to the clients wishes. This is a special flight and requires a reservation 96 hours before the time of flight.
Office: +972-9-860-11-29
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